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Jesus of the Bible and the Quran

Jesus of the Bible and the Quran

2014 . Religion, Islam . Salahuddin Decero



Jesus of the Bible and the Quran
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About the book

Jesus of the Bible and the Quran: Same or Different, is a book that was written to ask the question Who is Jesus of Islam and Christianity and are they the same or different? I go through the core beliefs of Christianity and the Bible and show that who Jesus says he is in the Bible is who he is in Islam. This book is great for Dawah! For Muslims to give to their neighbors, friends, coworkers, employees, and more to instruct them on the question of who Jesus is in Islam. This book was written for a Christian audience because it answers all the questions they may have about Muhammad in the Bible, Trinity, Original Sin, Crucifixion, Errors of the Bible, Did Jesus say he was God or worship him, Jesus son or servant of God, and more! I have personally read many Dawah books on this subject of Jesus, but never have I seen one with this detail. I constantly go back to the Bible to answer the questions of who Jesus is, and eventually you will discover page by page that that is the Jesus of Islam! Whether Muslim or Christian this book is a great read for you to enjoy. For 2000 years man has been asking the question who is Jesus, and now it has been made clear in this book.






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