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Keep of Glass

Keep of Glass

2020 . Steven G. Johnson



Keep of Glass

About the book

Girls can't be knights. Well, not in the real world, anyway. But lately-after King Arthur's bargain with the faeries of the Other Side-the world's become a lot more like the storybooks. Men do amazing things. Strange beasts abound. And everyone knows someone who's seen a wizard! So why can't Trinadan, daughter and sister of a knight, fight for the King like her father and brother? Upon being knighted, though, she learns one of her other new responsibilities-going on a quest for the king. Someone has stolen the Philosopher's Stone, and it's up to her to find the thieves and bring back the Stone. Despite the challenges involved-including the fact that there aren't any leads-she knows she can complete her quest and gain acceptance as a knight. She's strong enough, her heart is pure, and the world is toughening her up quickly. As Trinadan begins her quest, though, she must decide who she can trust quickly, as danger looms and a wide variety of trials-and betrayals-must be overcome. Still?it ought to be easy, as the only things in her way, besides tradition and some very strange companions, are the strangers trying to kill her, and the angry immortal who wants her soul?literally.






Chris Kennedy Publishing


1648551122 (ISBN13: 9781648551123)

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