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Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982

Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982

2020 . Fiction, Literary, Psychological, Women . Cho Nam-Joo

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Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982
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About the book


Truly, flawlessly, completely, she became that person. In a small, tidy apartment on the outskirts of the frenzied metropolis of Seoul lives Kim Jiyoung. A thirtysomething-year-old "millennial everywoman," she has recently left her white-collar desk job--in order to care for her newborn daughter full-time--as so many Korean women are expected to do. But she quickly begins to exhibit strange symptoms that alarm her husband, parents, and in-laws: Jiyoung impersonates the voices of other women--alive and even dead, both known and unknown to her. As she plunges deeper into this psychosis, her discomfited husband sends her to a male psychiatrist. In a chilling, eerily truncated third-person voice, Jiyoung's entire life is recounted to the psychiatrist--a narrative infused with disparate elements of frustration, perseverance, and submission. Born in 1982 and given the most common name for Korean baby girls, Jiyoung quickly becomes the unfavored sister to her princeling little brother. Always, her behavior is policed by the male figures around her--from the elementary school teachers who enforce strict uniforms for girls, to the coworkers who install a hidden camera in the women's restroom and post their photos online. In her father's eyes, it is Jiyoung's fault that men harass her late at night; in her husband's eyes, it is Jiyoung's duty to forsake her career to take care of him and their child--to put them first. Jiyoung's painfully common life is juxtaposed against a backdrop of an advancing Korea, as it abandons "family planning" birth control policies and passes new legislation against gender discrimination. But can her doctor flawlessly, completely cure her, or even discover what truly ails her? Rendered in minimalist yet lacerating prose, Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 sits at the center of our global #MeToo movement and announces the arrival of writer of international significance.






Liveright Publishing Corporation, a division of W. W. Norton




1631496700 (ISBN13: 9781631496707)

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Madeline Vander Velde

9 months ago


Going to be short and sweet with my comments on this tiny novel: It is jam packed with important social commentary. And although most of that is on Korean society, it's important to recognise the link that it has to women in patriarchal social systems around the world. An important feminist read to be sure.


gina O

8 months ago


Made me angry/upset in a good way. Fuck men

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