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Life-Changing Questions

Life-Changing Questions

2013 . Religion, Inspirational . Jimmy Surgener



Life-Changing Questions
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About the book

Who is not bewildered anymore? When have we faced a more confusing fog of uncertainty? Who is not asking basic questions? Who am I? Why am I here? How do I fit into life? Whats ahead for our nation and world? For our children? How can we be sure of our familys survival? Whats beyond this life for me? How can I get through lifes labyrinth? Is there any way out of this hole Im in? Surely, I havent gone too far astray for God to intervene in my dilemma! Is there a God who really cares about me? If so, which God of which world religion? How is the God of Christianity different from any other? What has He done for us beyond any other? Can I know Him personally? Will He intervene in my crisis? When have we been getting more inadequate or wrong answers? Even from too many of our schools, pulpits, and homes? Who is not starving for definite answers? This book provides you with Gods answers. Here is biblical insight into what lies ahead for you, your family, America, and our human race. Its about the destiny-determining decisions you and I face. You see, our future is contingent upon how soon we respond to Gods readiness and power to intervene. Yet, never will God force His way upon us. We must invite Him in.






WestBow Press




144979162X (ISBN13: 9781449791629)

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