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Lori, My Dream Girl

Lori, My Dream Girl

2013 . Religion . Youssef Khalim



Lori, My Dream Girl
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About the book

Lori, My Dream Girl, is the 7th in a series of eight books by Youssef Khalim, begun in 2002. It begins: Darling, you and only you, are the Love of My Life. I Knew I Could Fall In Love With You when we first met. I could tell by how profoundly you shook me up, stunned, and shocked me to the core, by how you look, your personality, and your dreamy, hazel eyes! I'm looking for someone just like you, someone to give all my love to. She has to be lovely just like you, someone as sweet as Honey Dew. I want her smile to be like yours, her body hot, just like you got! I want her kiss as sweet as yours, she'll be like you, be my dream girl. She has to call my name the way you do. I'm looking for someone just like you. And when I find her, this is what I'll do, I'm going to give her up, and come back to you!









0978779827 (ISBN13: 9780978779825)

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