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Love at All Cost

Love at All Cost

2012 . Drama . J Buxton



Love at All Cost
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About the book

When best friends Helen Martin and India Evans walk into a room, people take notice. The best friends embody everything the average professional woman is: attractive, driven and looking for love. While they are both searching, Helen and India's paths could not be any more different. Helen Martin is a hospital administrator at St. Mary's hospital and is known throughout the hospital as a no-nonsense person who keeps to herself and gets the job done. While content with her professional life, Helen's best friend at work, a homosexual janitor named Steven, urges her to take advantage of everything life has to offer. It isn't until Helen runs into Kenny Drake that those urges turn into reality. With his own baggage in tow-including a daughter named Asia and a complicated relationship with her mother-Helen battles between her desire for happiness and keeping her wall up. India Evans is a paralegal at a top law firm and has the personality, sarcasm and drive to give any man a run for his money. Even though India is drop-dead gorgeous and has men willing to do anything to get close to her, she had yet to find someone who had captivated her heart, body and mind. When India is set up on a blind date with the mysterious Marcus, all bets are off the table; soon, India is head over heels and looking toward her future. It isn't until Helen's best friend, Steven, drops a bomb about his relationship with Marcus that India's mind begins to wander. Deciding whether she can stomach the thought of the rumors and actually doing toy with India's sanity and heart. From the outside, both ladies are living dream lives. They have decent jobs, beautiful looks and men who worship the ground they walk on. However, most outside perceptions can be terribly misleading. When Kenny's ex-reenters the picture and places doubt in Helen's mind about everything she thought they stood for; Helen is forced to deal with whether or not she or her heart are actually ready for love. As India deals with the rumors about Marcus, while conducting her own investigation, she learns that the truth may have always been a lie. While both women struggle towards their own happiness, they are surprised when their worlds collide, as pieces of their puzzles begin to be pieced together. As everything is revealed, the sneaky double lives and tales will compel everyone to figure out who was true and who had been living a lie the entire time. "Finding Love At All Cost" deals with the difficult transition necessary to move on from hurt, betrayal and lies once the decision to love has been decided on. Deciding to love, despite hurt, will prove to be the biggest decision of Helen and India's lives.






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1479734950 (ISBN13: 9781479734955)

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