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Love This F*cking Journey for Me

Love This F*cking Journey for Me

2021 . Games & Activities, Guided Journals, Self-help, Creativity, Journaling . D. A. Sarac




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Love This F*cking Journey for Me
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About the book


A self-discovery journal for inspiration, growth, and celebrating your own f*cking brilliance! Do you know who you are? No, truly, do you know yourself down to your very roots? Where you're going from here? Who you're meant to be? Why the f*ck not?! Celebrating yourself isn't selfish. It isn't self-indulgent or arrogant--it's empowering as hell! We've all been in situations where our impostor syndrome tells us we're not good enough, where others define us, where we're not sure where we're going on our own path. No more! It's time to reflect and reconnect with our own inner bad*ssery. With concrete exercises that help us reflect on who we are from the inside out, Love This F*cking Journey for Meis a positive self-help book for women looking to: - Celebrate who you've been:With sections on self-discovery and self-awareness, understand all the things that make you, YOU! - Throw a party for the mistakes you've made:Because growth mindset makes every failure a chance to grow - Love the person you are:Self-love and confidence are not to be ignored. - And build the future of your f*cking dreams:Have fun with that inspirational dream life With guided prompts, sweary sayings, and an empowering AF spirit, this is the perfect journal for readers who are ready to unpack their own greatness. The ideal self-love journal, positivity journal, or guided journal to get you through, this book will get you to stand up and declare, "I love this f*cking journey for me!"






Sourcebooks, Incorporated




1728252245 (ISBN13: 9781728252247)

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