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Make Earth Great Again

Make Earth Great Again

2019 . Nature, Environmental Conservation & Protection . Vernon Lavia, Eli Gonzalez




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Make Earth Great Again
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About the book


"The Earth is what we all have in common."Wendell BerryFor decades after the Industrial Revolution began, coal miners relied on caged canaries to know when Carbon Monoxide levels had gotten dangerously high. When the canary died and fell off its perch, the coal miners raced out of the mines before the deadly gas killed them. The Canary's are Dying, AgainMany experts predict, due to gross human consumption, excessive fishing, deforestation clearing millions of acres per year, and many other factors ΒΏ if something drastic doesn't change, we will be on the extinction list in twenty years!Humans are Depleting Earth's Resources Faster than it can Replenish them.First time author and avid Bird Watcher, Vernon LaVia, and Best-Selling Ghostwriter, Eli Gonzalez, co-authored, Make Earth Great Again: Earth Avoidance & Our Disappearing Connection with Nature to jolt us out of our regularly scheduled patterns. Packed with hard-hitting, irrefutable evidence and written in an easy to read and colloquial style, this book will make you reconsider your authority as one of earth's stewards. In just 50 years, the human population has grown from 3.6 billion people to 7.6 billion. The rapid loss of species we are seeing due to our activities is estimated by experts to between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate.We Need a Paradigm Shift!In this book, not only will you clearly decipher nature's message to us, but you'll also learn to fall in love with her and cherish her for the beauty she is. Make your time on this earth count, while you still can.Find out about the MEGA movement -






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1733940510 (ISBN13: 9781733940511)

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