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Mentally Challenged

Mentally Challenged

2010 . Family & Relationships, Parenting, Self-help . Cori Coleman




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Mentally Challenged

About the book

The fundamental principle of any change is the willpower to activate it. Where does this will power surface, within the mind. Inside each and every individual are characteristics that will define exactly who he or she is designed to be. God has a purpose for each and every one of us, but this purpose is not easily recognized and activated, as we tend to suffer various challenges in life. These challenges hinder us from awakening that special part of us necessary to excel. In life, you will soon realize everything is programmed from where you go to school to how you will decide to brush your teeth. Tradition is based upon controlling a mass amount of people who have no purpose and selling them a predestined future. And to that lies the question, what state of mind can undergo such manipulation – a state of mind that is challenged. Throughout time, certain unique individuals have been marked and labeled with one of the biggest titles to misrepresent a human being. While some suffer from specific mental conditions such as autism and schizophrenia, these are not mental challenges. Challenges are what you can overcome and mental disabilities are what these individuals have to live with. Understand this difference, because mental challenges, the true challenges in the mind, lie directly within us. Whether it is thinking before you react or realizing that you have a choice in life. I have set up a list of factors that render us challenged mentally. In life, these are the challenges that prevent us from becoming advanced individuals. Advanced individual’s makes for advanced people, and advanced people make a better way for a positively advancing society, which is highly probable of influencing the necessary change. In chapters like Talent is Talent, Coleman talks about how society has fixed our minds on believing that you can only achieve in what activity you are permitted to do. Parenting is a very delicate chapter because it focuses on preparing our children to become educated. Which indeed is a contributing factor to the necessary change, within us and around us. Various chapters throughout this book are going to guide you; all you have to do is be willing to consider and utilize the information. Self-reflection is a practice, and a practice that Coleman’s book will implement into many lives by recognizing and specifying what mental challenges can help improve who you are. If you ever wanted better from yourself then it will take patience, consideration, and a mirror. A special mirror has been created within the chapters of the book to help you create yourself into the image of you, which God has designed. With this book you cannot fail yourself because you can overcome and reverse the effects of these challenges. You may be wondering what the difference is from this book and other self-help projects. Nothing. This book is just like those other self-help titles because it is another crucial and delicate piece to the puzzle. Mentally Challenged: Why Name Call is a contributing body of knowledge devoted to help create a stride within you to know and value yourself better. If you want better, you are going to have to face you first, and here is your chance to make it all happen. Create yourself or discover yourself, the choice is yours.










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