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Miracles are Your Destiny!

Miracles are Your Destiny!

2021 . Religion, Christian Ministry, Christian Living . Dea Warford



Miracles are Your Destiny!
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About the book

Dea Warford's 1st book, EVANGELIST MY LIFE STORY: MY LIFE JOURNEY, his auto- biography, focused on over 50 years of soul-winning experiences. He taught that all Christians could and should be soul-winners and showed how to do that! In MIRACLES ARE YOUR DESTINY, Dea continues sharing his life journey as he progressively discovered that evangelists are not only called to win the lost but also to heal the sick, cast out demons, and prophesy. He believes God commissioned him to convince the church that a soon-coming last day revival will result from a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. There won't be enough evangelists or pastors to reap this harvest! In that hour, God will use ANY Christian who is a willing vessel. When the fire falls, will you know what to do? Will you know how to heal the sick, cast out demons, and prophesy? You will after you read this book! Dea started praying for the sick over 50 years ago and started casting out demons over 40 years ago. His many experiences qualify him to write this book. Below is one pastor's report of Dea's three days in his church. These are the kinds of things that can happen through you! "As shepherd over a flock, I'm careful and somewhat skeptical of the sometimes grandiose claims of evangelists. I watched closely when Dea prayed for the 1st woman on the 1st night. I saw a woman with long-term hand nerve damage causing constant pain and motion restriction, who, when Dea laid hands on her, instantly altered her expression. Her eyes widened. She moved her fingers and opened and closed her fist. "The pain is completely gone!" she proclaimed. That was, but the 1st of many healings, deliverances, and power encounters that weekend. In this evangelist's ministry, the presence of Jesus was there, in power, to destroy the works of the devil. I heard testimonies of people saying "a dark presence" had left them. They felt peace for the first time in years, were no longer in pain, were excited about their faith, and bringing the gospel to others. The most exciting thing for me was when my 15-year-old daughter surrendered her life to Christ and asked when we got home, "Daddy, can I get baptized tonight? I don't want to wait for a church service!" We filled the bathtub and baptized her!" Pastor Aaron Thompson, Foursquare Church, Marysville, WA






Warford Ministries




1735299456 (ISBN13: 9781735299457)

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