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Not Your Type Of Girl

Not Your Type Of Girl

2020 . Myra Goyal



Not Your Type Of Girl

About the book

"I am feeling "exious" - excited and nervous at the same time, but that's not a real word. How does one fit in in a new continent, country and culture? What's acceptable and what's not? Will I make any friends here, ever?" Not Your Type of Girl takes you into the lives of three 5th graders telling their respective intertwined perspectives of their first week at school in their own words. NYTOG is a fun, amusing, light-hearted and relatable read for young readers. It is a good read for parents curious to get an insider's perspective on what really goes on in their child's life and mind after they drop them off to the school!Myra Goyal has been writing, drawing and illustrating since she was 5. She is currently 10 years old and in 5th grade elementary school. She wrote NYTOG during her 4th grade. As an nine-year-old, she used to adapt story books for fun and make her own stories with her own characters and twists. This story also started as such an adaptation where she wanted to lead with girl characters instead - that page for her own fun developed into this story. She is a keen observer and draws her story ideas and inspiration from her life experiences, reading, travels, family and friends. Myra has a unique comic sense in her storytelling. She creates relatable character caricatures and draws her audience into her life-like stories and portraits.






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