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One Truth, One Law

One Truth, One Law

2020 . Body, Mind & Spirit, Channeling & Mediumship, Occultism, Religion, Spirituality . Erin Werley




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One Truth, One Law

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Have you been seeking answers but not really finding them? Have your dreams started to feel like just that-dreams? Has the fear of what other people will think stopped you from being who you want to be and doing what you want to do? Does a fulfilled life feel like something meant for others, not for you?Erin Werley used to feel that way, too. Then, one day, she started to receive "deposits" from her inner voice, which calls itself "I Am." And everything in her life began to change. Most people would call One Truth, One Law: I Am, I Create a "channeled" book, but I Am is adamant that it isn't. As I Am puts it, "Every human is me. Every human can access me. When somebody says they're 'channeling' something outside of themselves, it's because they don't understand that they are God and that we are all one."Written as a series of conversations between I Am and Werley's husband, Phil, the message of One Truth, One Law is simple: Every single one of us is God. We just have a confused filter that thinks we're not God.I Am's intention with this book is not to offer you information that can only come through Werley. It's to teach you how to access your own inner voice so that you'll finally get answers to your questions. So that you'll be able to make your dreams a reality. So that you'll tap into your own God wisdom that no longer worries about what others think. So that you'll know a fulfilled life is something for you and not just other people.Once you really let it soak in that you are God, and you're here to further expand the universe through this physical experience, the limits on your dreams start to fall away.






Madleo Publishing LLC




1734363800 (ISBN13: 9781734363807)

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