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Our Turn

Our Turn

2016 . Business & Economics, Industries, Leadership, Women In Business . Kirstine Stewart



Our Turn
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About the book

In Our Turn, Kirstine Stewart, VP Media for Twitter—named one of Canadian Business's Power 50 of 2016 for helping women discover their leadership potential—draws on her extensive experience to share her smart and practical approach to business. Like fellow high-flyers Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer, Kirstine Stewart has built an incredibly successful career as a media and technology executive. She got her first job when she applied for an entry-level position at a film distribution house. Having worked her way up from the bottom—under women and men, leaders good and bad—she believes it's time we looked past the question of how women might create change in the working world and exploit the fact that profound change is already under way. The digital revolution, and the wave of millennials who are entering the workforce with very different expectations than the generations who preceded them, have created an environment that demands a new style of leader—one with attributes and perspectives that make women the natural front-runners. The opportunity is there; the question Stewart poses and then tackles is: how do we seize it? Whether you're a CEO or a fledgling administrative assistant, there is something for you in Our Turn.






Schwartz Publishing Pty, Limited




1863958525 (ISBN13: 9781863958523)

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