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Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

2020 . Family & Relationships, Love & Romance . Kirk Diaz



Pillow Talk
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About the book

Pillow Talk: is about Romance, Revelation and Reward. Settled for the superficial in your relationship because of busyness? Pillow Talk is written with you in mind, to ignite a desire to initiate or restore intimacy in your relationship with God and significant other. Pillow talking can take trust and commitment to new levels. Covenant relationships are never ones of convenience, but ones filled with conviction and desire to pursue intimacy and longevity. The backdrop of ‘Pillow Talk’ is, Jacob’s experiences in Genesis Chapters 28-35, used as a parallel for advocating Pillow Talk; the spark for creating the intimacy that escapes many in their relationships. Open the pages and be inspired to hit the ‘Pillow Talk Reset,’ thus initiating life changing moments, ushering your relationship through the gate of possibility into the Heavenly realm. Amid the rigors of this fast pace world, the ability to experience intimacy in your relationships, both with God and your significant other does exist.






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1796088536 (ISBN13: 9781796088533)

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