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Pirate Treasure Mansion

Pirate Treasure Mansion

2017 . Cindy Hide



Pirate Treasure Mansion

About the book

Pirate Treasure Mansion. If you like Adventure, you’re in for a treat. Throw in a Pirate story and you’ll probably like it even more. Top it off with a mansion filled with puzzles, how could you go wrong? Three clever, adventurous siblings are invited to go on a pirate treasure hunt buy their Grandfather’s Last Will And Testament. They must put their lives on hold to fulfill their Grandfather’s last wish and try and find the treasure that he could not. This hunt for riches takes them across the globe to a holiday resort. There they must follow a journal to discover a two hundred year old stash of Pirate booty. However, their quest leads them to a mysterious puzzle mansion, with many rules and a short time limit. Will the treasure be found, or will something unexpected rock their world? In this volume, the main characters enter a mysterious mansion filled with puzzles, riddles and tests. Even though the youths are clever, and each member has a different talent to contribute to the group, the mansion is still a tough test that they need to overcome. Then, to make things worse, they have a short time limit and they can't escape till everything is solved. This book was inspired by many adventure movies and T.V. shows. The main one being, The Goonies movie. So if that movie puts a smile on your face, then so will this book. A few other things that inspired this book were things like National Treasure and any one of the Treasure Island versions. Look out for references from things like Disney's/Lucas Film's Star Wars, Capcom’s Megaman and a certain potato chip slogan. This book was written for the young and old alike. There is no language and little violence so the younger ordinance will not be mentally scarred. However, there are some complicated puzzles and riddles that the more mature people might like trying to solve before the characters do. This book is a good-old, funny, family friendly adventure that has a little for everyone. Action, adventure, comedy, romance and pirates. Can't forget the pirates. This isn't one of those stories that has an unrealistic plot, that makes up crazy things to fill in plot holes. This plot is rational, plausible and not too complicated. But most of all, it is still loads of fun, interesting and funny.






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