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Rebels, Love Letters, and the Secret Crush

Rebels, Love Letters, and the Secret Crush

2018 . Seven Steps



Rebels, Love Letters, and the Secret Crush

About the book

HAVING A SECRET ADMIRER IS AWESOME... UNTIL YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM. After two years of receiving love letters from a secret admirer, Wendy Darling is finally ready to meet the man who's won her heart. There's just one problem. She has no idea who he is. Her only clue is a small signature with two letters: PS. But Wendy will not be deterred. With the help of her friends, she goes on a school-wide search to find the man who's proclaimed his love for her in a hundred different ways.Who is the mysterious PS? How will she find him? And, what will she do when she does? Rebels, Love Letters, and The Secret Crush is a funny, emotional, secret admirer romance inspired by Peter Pan. Grab your copy of this unforgettable young adult contemporary romance today. St. Mary's Academy is a young adult contemporary romance series that brings classic fairytale characters to life in a modern day, high school setting. It's filled with angsty heroines, hot heroes, and drama galore. Be prepared. You've never read fairytales quite like this. Book 1 - The Boyfriend Agreement Book 2 - Chasing Mermaids Book 3 - The Golden Boy Book 4 - Stealing Hearts Book 5 - The Secret Lives of Princesses Book 6 - The Trouble With Kissing Frogs (coming January 2019) Book 7 - Rebels, Love Letters, and The Secret CrushBuy them now.






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