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Resurgent Islam and America

Resurgent Islam and America

2010 . David Goldmann



Resurgent Islam and America
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About the book

Will America wake up to the threat of radical Islam in time? Join Goldmann in a thoughtful analysis of Resurgent Islam's continued war against America. He will explore issues such as: [We need to treat terrorists as soldiers in a war and not criminals. [The Quran says that Jews start wars and are the greatest enemies of Islam. [President Ahmadinejad of Iran, believes the destruction of Israel will trigger the appearance of the Mahdi and that he has a personal role in bringing this to pass. [Both Muslims and Christians teach that Jesus is coming again. They embrace varying views of his coming. His extensive experience in the Muslim world, his intensive study of their society and faith, and his compassion for the Muslim people qualify David Goldmann to write this valuable book. If you seek a better understanding of your new neighbors and of the latest news reports, reading this book is the place to start. WARREN W. WIERSBE, author and conference speaker David Goldmann is an authentic follower of Christ with a great love for the Muslim people and a profound knowledge of Islam. I have pastored for over forty years and this book has given me a better understanding than any other book on the various forms of Islam and its concept on Jihad. The way David relates the challenge of Militant Islam to the end times is Biblically sound. DARREL GABBARD, senior pastor of Dublin Baptist Church, Dublin, OH DAVID GOLDMANN spent 24 years ministering among Muslims in North Africa. He conducts seminars on the Challenge of Islam. He has authored Islam and The Bible: Why Two Faiths Collide.






Xulon Press




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