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Shut Up! Stop Talking and Start Making Money

Shut Up! Stop Talking and Start Making Money

2014 . Business & Economics, Sales & Selling . Dave Warawa




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Shut Up! Stop Talking and Start Making Money
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About the book


Have you been led to believe that sales success is about learning killer closing techniques and being the master of selling anything to anyone? It isn't. If you want to drive mega long-term sales, get buckets of repeat business and referrals and be the top producer in your company, SHUT UP! Stop Talking and Start Making Money will fast track your success. You don't have to be the best presenter or stunning public speaker. Your customers don't care what car you drive and designer clothes you own. Decision makers want to deal with Salespeople have learned to SHUT UP and stop selling them something they don't want to buy. They want to engage with Salespeople who get it! In this book, you will learn The Five Success Skills of Professional Salespeople in B2B (Business to Business selling) and B2C (Business to Consumer selling): - Ask Great Questions - Get great answers to find the true needs of your client. - Actively Listen - SHUT UP and hear what your customer is telling you. - Paraphrase - Capture the meaning of what was said and confirm the message. - Summarize the Customer's Full Needs - The master paraphrase! - Project a Positive Personality - Have fun and enjoy the process! Sales success is not rocket science. Stop closing your customers and start connecting with them! Too many Salespeople blow a sale by focusing on their commission, bonus and ego. They rush the sales process to prove to their Sales Manager that they are filling their sales funnel with the required activity level in cold calls, appointments and presentations. The quality of your client engagements will make the biggest difference in your ability to be the Salesperson that clients want to do business with repeatedly! Are you are tired of clients who say "maybe" to only find them running away from your efforts to get a final decision? Are too many customers asking you to send them an email versus booking an appointment with you? Do your clients use a cheap competitor to beat you up on price and put the boots to you? SHUT UP! Stop Talking and Start Making Money will teach you how to lose fast with the wrong customers and win with the right ones by engaging with decision makers that meet your ideal customer profile and close themselves. You will learn to get rid of customer objections by countering them before they even enter your client's mind. Read the reviews from actual Salespeople who have seen great sales results from this book and its Five Star Reviews. SHUT UP! Stop Talking and Start Making Money is a practical guide of proven, consultative sales techniques to generate sales through trust, needs analysis and the use of social media for inbound marketing. The greatest skill in Professional Sales is the ability to listen, not talk. If you truly believe that, allow this book to give you the tools to gain confidence and develop your natural abilities. SHUT UP! Stop Talking and Start Making Money is based on the 30 years of practical experience of the author - Dave Warawa. SHUT UP! Stop Talking and Start Making Money also has a complete Social Media Guide for Professional Salespeople. Start using Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Blogging to drive inbound marketing. It's short, easy to read chapters are great for experienced sales veterans looking to reach out to new ways to grow business, as well as new Professional Salespeople looking to build a lifetime career in the industry. Stop trying to be successful in sales and start reaching the achievement levels of the top-producers today!






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