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Spare Parts Inventory Management

Spare Parts Inventory Management

2016 . Phillip Slater




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Spare Parts Inventory Management
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About the book


No previous works have focused on the topic of inventory reduction and optimization to the extent that this one does. Spare Parts Inventory Management covers the whole part's life cycle, from initial purchase to final disposal, and addresses issues throughout, including MRO--maintenance, repair, and overhaul. The author, Phillip Slater, was described in a recent podcast as "truly one of the leaders in the MRO information segment." Sparesology(TM) is a term coined by Slater to describe the discipline of optimizing the physical, financial, and human resource management processes of spare parts inventory management. Sparesology is much more than just inventory optimization. It involves an understanding of the complete "ecosystem" within which spare parts inventory is managed, and seeks to ensure that all factors influencing this management work in concert to achieve an organization's goals. TABLE OF CONTENTS: - Ch 1: Establishing Your Spare Parts Management System: What is MRO and Spare Parts?; The #1 Problem with Spare Parts Management; The Big Picture - Putting Spare Parts in Context; Why Spare Parts are Different (than other inventory types); Standard Supply Chain Tools that Don't Work with (Most) Spare Parts; Financial Considerations; Inventory Prevention; Inventory Management Policies. - Ch 2: Best Practice Spare Parts Management: Best Practice Research; The Five Best Practices that Make a Real Difference. - Ch 3: The Spare Parts Management Life Cycle: Creation; Operation; Obsolescence and Disposal. - Ch 4: Implementing Your Spare Parts Management System: How to Go From a Pilot Program to Productive Execution.






Industrial Press, Incorporated




0831136081 (ISBN13: 9780831136086)

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