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Summary and Discussions of The Body Keeps The Score

Summary and Discussions of The Body Keeps The Score

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Summary and Discussions of The Body Keeps The Score

About the book

Note: This is a Summary and Discussions of The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma By Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. Learn Key Concepts for Your Self-Development or Discussion Group in 15 Minutes Without Missing the Highlights... or Your Money Back! Who Should Read "The Body Keeps the Score"? The Body Keeps The Score appears, at first sight, to be written for those wanting to understand how their traumatic experiences have affected their physical bodies. However, the book goes much further into explaining how our physical beings are connected to our emotions and memories. Every reader, even those without traumatic experiences in their past, will find something of value in this book. What's in It for Me, and Why is it Important? This book explains the relationships between our brains, emotions, and physical bodies. By looking at trauma victims, we can see how our brains and bodies function. The treatments and therapies described go beyond simply dealing with the symptoms we experience and delve down to the root causes. By rejecting superficial treatments and numbing medications, people can get past their traumatic experiences and face a brighter future. You'll Soon Discover... - What PTSD is and how it impacts a person's life. - How to leave the past behind and focus on the present. - The importance of loving parents and caregivers. - Why trauma victims act the way they do. - The dangers and benefits of medications. - Which therapies are appropriate for different types of trauma. Don't Have Time to Read? Discover the new way to grasp a deeper understanding of a book or subject while getting your time back - instantly! The Growth Digest serves busy people who are keen on growth, learning, and self-development by serving all the highlights and key points on a silver platter - without the fluff. Additionally, The Growth Digest provides various unique and intuitive content so you can get a 360 degree understanding of the topic including: - Background Information About the Author so You Know Where They Are Coming From - The Author's Perspective and Motivation to Write This Book that Will Give You a Fuller Understanding - Main idea "In a Nutshell" to Give You an Instant Overview of the Forest - Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis So You Can Explore In-Depth the Trees - Chapter Recap to Review the Chapter Instantly (Great for Memory) - Ideas How to Implement This Into Your Life Immediately - Trivia Questions To Quiz Yourself and Your Friends - Discussion Questions So You are Ready to Have a Discussion In Your Discussion Group - ...and much more! Our unique Growth Digest Summary and Discussions Book would be ideal to enhance your enjoyment of the original book or help to pick it up. Scroll Up and Download Now! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back. This is an unofficial summary & analytical review and has not been approved or is affiliated by the original author or publisher of the book.






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