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1994 . Sports & Recreation . Xavier Maniguet




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About the book


Survival provides clear, authoritative answers to these and hundreds of other questions as well as solid information on how to survive in almost every outdoor situation imaginable: the jungle, the desert, the sea, the mountains, the poles. Whether you are alone or in a group, suffering from thirst, hunger, extreme heat or bitter cold, Survival reveals the best techniques for braving the elements and staying alive. Survival is divided into three sections. The first section confronts the major threats to human life: cold, heat, thirst, physical exertion, sharks, snakes, and other venomous and poisonous creatures; and ends with tips about how to survive in a group. The second section explains how to endure in hostile environments: on the sea and in shipwrecks, under the water, in the desert, the jungle, the mountains, and at the poles. The third section, "Science and Survival," includes vital information about: weather and survival, snow and avalanches, the survival diet, food gathering, motion sickness and sensory aberrations, medicine without a doctor, and other important survival skills and techniques. Within these pages you will discover how to find water and food, pack a medical kit; navigate by the sun and stars; recognize a venomous snake; treat frostbite; diagnose and treat heatstroke; identify animal tracks; and much, much more. Both scientifically accurate and exceptionally readable, Survival explains how to endure under the most adverse circumstances. Complete with anecdotes and true tales of survival, the book explains which survival techniques are effective and which are not and why. The author, a physician, also dispels much of the conventional wisdom about outdoor survival - for instance, drinking brandy is not the best way to combat cold weather. Ideal for the outdoorsman, the intrepid traveler as well as the armchair adventurer, Survival is the ultimate guide to surviving in the great outdoors.






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0816025185 (ISBN13: 9780816025183)

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