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Tales from la Vida

Tales from la Vida

2018 . Art, American, Biography & Autobiography, Comics & Graphic Novels, Fiction . Frederick Luis Aldama




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Tales from la Vida
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About the book


In the Latinx comics community, there is much to celebrate today, with more Latinx comic book artists than ever before. The resplendent visual-verbal storyworlds of these artists reach into and radically transform so many visual and storytelling genres. Tales from la Vida celebrates this space by bringing together more than eighty contributions by extraordinary Latinx creators. Their short visual-verbal narratives spring from autobiographical experience as situated within the language, culture, and history that inform Latinx identity and life. Tales from la Vida showcases the huge variety of styles and worldviews of today's Latinx comic book and visual creators. Whether it's detailing the complexities of growing up--mono- or multilingual, bicultural, straight, queer, or feminist Latinx--or focusing on aspects of pop culture, these graphic vignettes demonstrate the expansive complexity of Latinx identities. Taken individually and together, these creators--including such legendary artists as Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, Roberta Gregory, and Kat Fajardo, to name a few--and their works show the world that when it comes to Latinx comics, there are no limits to matters of content and form. As we travel from one story to the next and experience the unique ways that each creator chooses to craft his or her story, our hearts and minds wake to the complex ways that Latinxs live within and actively transform the world.






Ohio State University Press




0814254934 (ISBN13: 9780814254936)

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