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The Comfortable Kitchen

The Comfortable Kitchen

2021 . Cooking, Specific Ingredients, Comfort Food, Health & Healing . Alex Snodgrass

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The Comfortable Kitchen
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About the book


#1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller New York Times Bestseller It’s comfort food—redefined! Here are healthy meals the whole family can enjoy, night after night . . . What does comfort mean in The Comfortable Kitchen? For Alex Snodgrass, New York Times bestselling author of The Defined Dish, bringing her family around the table to share a home-cooked meal is a favorite way to show love. Her recipes are designed to bring joy into that display of affection, from your own comfort cooking to your loved ones’ delight at the delicious flavors, to knowing that you’re caring for your family’s nutrition with each bite. Though many of her meals are fully paleo compliant, or at the very least paleo-ish, there are plenty of other recipes with simple, flexible ingredient swaps for a cleaner meal when desired—perfect for people who are enjoying their “food freedom” stage of their health journey. And for those who have dietary restrictions, Alex clearly marks each recipe as gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, and paleo, as appropriate. Alex brings back the joy of being in the kitchen for those at all levels of cooking skill and provides food for every occasion, with soups, salads, pasta, vegetarian and non-vegetarian mains, apps, and sides ranging from one-pot meals to not-so-junky junk food--and even cocktails and desserts--with recipes including: - Cajun Chicken and Wild Rice Soup - Green Curry Poached Halibut with Herbs - Texas Style Brisket Tacos - Herby Green Olive Pasta with Feta - Sheet Pan Honey-Sesame Cauliflower - Clayton’s Margarita - 7-Ingredient Almond Butter Cookies With 105 approachable and nutritious recipes for real, busy life, The Comfortable Kitchen is a must-have cookbook for everyone who cares about what they eat and what they make.










0063075474 (ISBN13: 9780063075474)

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10 months ago


Recipe developer and blogger Snodgrass (The Defined Dish) puts a modern spin on comfort food in this versatile collection of nourishing dishes that never fall short on flavor. While many of her healthy, crowd-pleasing recipes—such as crunchy chicken tinga tacos, lemon avocado oil cake, and Vietnamese-inspired “Shaking Beef” salad—are paleo-compliant, readers shouldn’t be deterred by the label, as each one is packed with taste. Snodgrass also provides a vast assortment of recipes suitable for other dietary programs—including a creamy Cajun chicken and wild rice soup that is gluten-free and diary-free; and grain-free and vegetarian-friendly roasted veggie enchiladas verdes. Meanwhile, other dishes—like burgers, spicy shrimp pasta with tarragon and basil, and individual Texas “sheet” cakes—can be modified with simple ingredient substitutions or omissions. The book concludes with a chapter of appetizing cocktail recipes from Snodgrass’s husband, Clayton, that reimagine classics such as the margarita (which gets a raw egg white added to it for a frothy effect) and the Moscow mule (updated here with a mezcal and elderflower liqueur). This is perfect for busy home cooks who want to expand their repertoire of healthy recipes.


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10 months ago


“The Comfortable Kitchen is your new go-to for healthy eating inspiration, with meals full of warm flavors, simply delicious ingredient combinations, and wholesome treats.” -- Melissa Urban, Whole30 cofounder and CEO.

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