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The Cult of Bhairava in Nepal

The Cult of Bhairava in Nepal

2008 . Milan Ratna Shakya



The Cult of Bhairava in Nepal
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About the book

The Cult of Bhairava in Nepal is an account of the Bhairava faith and conventions of Nepal. The adamantine practice of an early Saiva sect with the pragmatic convention of salvation (nivbriti) and accumulating merits (pravriti margas) as a way of life still persists and has become a part heritage in present day Nepal. Bhairava ensures the safeguarding of inevitable knowledge. He is also the reflection of a fierce aspect of Siva and is the patron sentinel deity in this land of Lord Pasupathinath. In this book, The cult of Bhairava in Nepal, Milan Ratna Shakya deals with the spiritual account as well as the cult, which is based on admiration for Bhairava rife in Nepal under local, intellectual and artistic perspectives. The spiritual realm of Bhairava cult also presents a pleasant merging of Saivism and Buddhism in Nepal. This deity has been worshipped as protector of medieval city-states in Kathmandu Valley and is known by various names like Bhailah-aju, Bhairah dyoh, Konca Bhairava or Ajudhyo in local parlance. This book is not only relevant in Nepal but in all regions where Hinduism is followed. The Cult of Bhairava in Nepal is a complete study of the Bhairava sect.






Rupa & Company




812911304X (ISBN13: 9788129113047)

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