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The Four Pillars of Singing

The Four Pillars of Singing

2006 . Education, Teacher Training & Certification . Robert Lunte




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The Four Pillars of Singing

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* Be Sure to Read The Details at The Bottom of This Page "The Four Pillars of Singing" is the world's most comprehensive and preferred home study program for vocal training in the world today. It has been sold in over 120 countries around the world and enjoys nearly a 100%, 5-Star reviews at and from customers around the world at Voice expert and author Robert Lunte shows you exactly how to practice each vocal workout by demonstrating all the original TVS vocal exercises and providing detailed training routines that clearly show anyone that wants to get serious about voice training, exactly what to do. Included in the complete program, ( Book + Video/Audio Media + Online Course ), are all the elements of the original TVS vocal training method developed by Maestro Lunte and vocal training experts from around the world who collaborated on this system. Each vocal exercise can be viewed from four angles in HD video or listened to at your leisure in audio. Read, see and hear in the clearest possible way how to train your voice or sing along to solo piano tracks of all 40+ original vocal workouts. To accompany vocalists on piano full, notated sheet music is also provided. The system also offers over 40 lectures of the most cutting-edge, vocal techniques and training ideas available in the business. This is product has become popular for singers that are prepared to train, practice and do the work Lastly, The Four Pillars of Singing offers comprehensive training routines that give direction and guidance on how to train the TVS method and workouts. "The Four Pillars of Singing" ONLINE allows students of the TVS Method to take their training to a whole new level with the world's most comprehensive, learning management system for vocal training as an online course. Students can access the training content and book from any device, any where in the world. Students also have the option to download the source files. Now with "The Four Pillars of Singing" you can learn from Robert Lunte with a comprehensive, online course work system to accompany your book. There truly is no other home study vocal training program that is more comprehensive, accessible, or highly rated by the industry then "The Four Pillars of Singing." We hope you will enjoy this vocal training experience. * Please Note: The complete version of The Four Pillars of Singing, includes an online course in addition to the book. The complete offering with the course includes: 135+ lesson course w/quizzes. (Become a TVS Certified Vocalist). 500+ videos & audio training content. 62 workouts in slow, medium & fast speed. Special sets for men & women. Demonstrations & step by step training routines that show you how to practice. * Please Note: Used offerings of this product do NOT provide you with access to the complete training program and course work online. To recieve the complete training program and online course work for "The Four Pillars of Singing," you must purchase a new book. * Please Note: A special purchase discount code will be provided to you to give you access to the complete training program after purchasing the book. * Please Note: The Four Pillars of Singing and a hard copy of the book can also be purchased at http: //






Aardvark Global Publishing




1427633886 (ISBN13: 9781427633880)

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