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The Hourglass

The Hourglass

2013 . Fiction, Action & Adventure . Jill Curb



The Hourglass
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About the book

Recipient of the prestigious Mom's Choice Award for quality and family-friendly books. An exciting adventure of mystery, love and strength that can end or save the world. What would happen if you found out that your family was under attack in a layer of time that couldn't possibly exist? After discovering their mother holds the key to protect all time, two young brothers and their father must find strength in themselves and trust in things they don't understand in a hidden paradise. Charlie and Cameron journey through a new reality of giants and talking animals while trapped in a battle of good versus evil. Mysteriously befriended by a stray dog, they learn to rely on animals as much as humans to save their family and keep evil from taking over the world. Is their family strong enough to survive the Hourglass before time slips away?






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1490820140 (ISBN13: 9781490820149)

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