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The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations

The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations

2018 . Performing Arts, Film, Fiction, Media Tie-in, Television . Joe Tracz

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The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations

About the book

This mysterious illustrated tie-in to Netflix's award-winning A Series of Unfortunate Events -- featuring an introduction by Count Olaf's legal representative, Neil Patrick Harris -- shares insider secrets about the Baudelaire family and the making of the show. In every library there is a single book that can answer the question that burns like a fire in the mind... In this collector's companion you will discover never-before-seen photographs, never-before-told stories, and never-before, revealed secrets spanning all three seasons of the hilariously twisted, critically acclaimed hit series. You will encounter original concept art, annotated script excerpts, and interviews with the creative team and all-star cast, as well as glossaries, recipes, lyric sheets, hidden Easter eggs, shocking backstories, and suspicious pages from the titular tome, unredacted, and revealed here for the first time. Featuring interviews with: - Tony Hale - Daniel Handler - Aasif Mandvi - Sara Rue - Barry Sonnenfeld - Patrick Warburton - Bo Welch - Alfre Woodard - and more... Perhaps you are wondering how a noble person such as yourself might become a member of a secret organization. Like so many things in life, it starts by picking up the right book. So go ahead, read at your own risk.






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0316451835 (ISBN13: 9780316451833)

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