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The Islamophobic Civilization

The Islamophobic Civilization

Religion, Islam, Social Science, Discrimination & Race Relations . Abhijit Naskar



The Islamophobic Civilization
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About the book

“Muslims are just as peace-loving as the Christians, Hindus, Jews or Buddhists. Religions are not good or bad, neither are the books that apparently represent them. Whether a religion is of peace or violence should be defined by the actions of its people, not by some books.” Abhijit Naskar is one of the world’s famous Neuroscientists and an untiring advocate of global harmony. He became a beloved best-selling author all over the world with his very first book The Art of Neuroscience in Everything, that heralded the advent of a rejuvenating scientific philosophy, the sole purpose of which was to enrich human life with self-awareness. With various of his pioneering ventures into the Neuropsychology of religious sentiments, he has hugely contributed to humanity’s attempt of breaking down the citadels of religious conflicts, for which he is popularly hailed as a humanitarian who incessantly works towards taking the human civilization in the path of sweet general harmony. In The Islamophobic Civilization, Naskar has undertaken the responsibility to give humanity the scientific insight of the biological underpinnings of one of the most disgraceful prejudices of modern society, i.e. Islamophobia. He gently uncovers the neurobiology of Islamophobia while dismantling its irrational and unempirical roots of fear from the human mind. Here a scientist makes an incredible effort as a human being to build a bridge of love and peace between the peace-loving Muslims and the rest of humanity.




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1386801291 (ISBN13: 9781386801290)

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