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The Leadership Contract

The Leadership Contract

2016 . Business & Economics, Management, Strategic Planning, Leadership . Vince Molinaro




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The Leadership Contract

About the book


A comprehensive blueprint for the enlightened leader   The Leadership Contract is the modern leader's handbook for organizational renewal. Leaders are no longer "rulers," nor are they accidental—in today's business climate, leadership is both a trait and a specific set of skills. It's about trust, commitment, communication, and drive. This book shows you how to become the leader your organization needs. You'll go beyond adopting the habits and practices of an effective leader and actually put it in writing to establish a leadership contract that ensures the success of your company.  This revised and updated edition includes new coverage of accountability, personal and organizational levels of the leadership contract, new Gut Check summary questions after each chapter, and additional opening and closing remarks to provide key insight into what the leadership role entails. Recent studies show that only 7 percent of employees have trust and confidence in their senior leaders. How can organizations succeed without the support of their employees? This book aims to build better leaders and establish a true leadership culture that inspires the entire organization. - Learn why a leadership contract is needed and what it entails - Discover the real impact of your decisions and work ethic - Motivate and inspire by making the right connections - Facilitate a vibrant, positive culture that innovates and thrives Exceptional leadership is the heart of a successful organization. Employees need to be able to trust in the skills, strategy, judgment, and motivation of those steering the ship. The Leadership Contract provides a blueprint for today's leaders, and guides you toward becoming the leader your employees deserve.






John Wiley & Sons




1119211840 (ISBN13: 9781119211846)

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