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The Magna Carta of Tithing

The Magna Carta of Tithing

2015 . Religion, Christian Living . F. Glen Skidmore




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The Magna Carta of Tithing

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If Bernie Madoff was a pastor, would you support his church? Would you assist and enable the fraud to successfully continue, acting as though 'what they don't know - won't hurt them?' And, if you were able to stand up and hold him accountable, how could you best present your objections? With so much rampant corruption and dishonesty in business, government, and even in our own churches today, it is important now more than ever to turn to the Bible for guidance. The Magna Carta of Tithing provides a way to help us uncover the manipulation and distortion of God's Word as it relates to tithing for the purpose of collecting for unrighteous gain. It deals with what the Bible actually says-with the biblical history of tithing in Israel, how it has been manipulated today for gain, and how the word of Christ covers finances for the church-and it shows us how Jesus, our Lord, maintains church accountability in the book of Revelation. But not just restricted to biblical stories of dishonesty, accountability, and godly recompense, author F. Glen Skidmore develops a prescient and timely guide for helping believers restore their integrity and see through the corrupt tithing practices lurking in their own churches today.






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1512711411 (ISBN13: 9781512711417)

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