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The Political Appropriation of the Muslim Body

The Political Appropriation of the Muslim Body

2021 . Religion, Islam, Social Science, Gender Studies, Sociology Of Religion . Susan S.M. Edwards



The Political Appropriation of the Muslim Body
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About the book

Drawing upon law, politics, sociology, and gender studies, this volume explores the ways in which the Muslim body is stereotyped, interrogated, appropriated and demonized in Western societies and subject to counter-terror legislation and the suspension of human rights. The author examines the intense scrutiny of Muslim women’s dress and appearance, and their experience of hate crimes, as well as how Muslim men’s bodies are emasculated, effeminized and subjected to torture. Chapters explore a range of issues including Western legislation and foreign policy against the ‘Other’, orientalism, Islamophobia, masculinity, the intersection of gender with nationalism and questions about diversity, inclusion, religious freedom, citizenship and identity. This text will be of interest to scholars and students across a range of disciplines, including sociology, gender studies, law, politics, cultural studies, international relations, and human rights.






Springer Nature




3030688968 (ISBN13: 9783030688967)

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