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The Power to Curse or Bless Others

The Power to Curse or Bless Others

2007 . Body, Mind & Spirit, Supernatural . William Derrick Moore



The Power to Curse or Bless Others
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About the book

"The Power to Curse or Bless Others" is the second book in a continuing series on Christian conduct by William Derrick Moore. This book provides insight into the very nature of evil, demonic beings, and our own contributions to what we have come to know as evil. It also takes a look at arealm of evil that many Christians fail to see or acknowledge. Once an understanding is reached on all the sources that can influence what we percceive as demonic activity or evil, we have an opportunity to change our role in the process of being a curse or a blessing to others. An important variable in understanding the problem of evil is the rejection of one of God's greatest commandments, love. In rejecting this commandment, it changes the potential and capacity to extrodinarily bless someone into the potential and capacity to extrodinarily curse someone. A central theme in this book is God's gift of free will and volition to his creations both human and angelic. God has given us all the power to bless or curse others. Misusing this gift and power from God constitutes evil. "The Power to Curse or Bless Others" takes a deeper look into the major causes of evil and it also provides insight and understanding of God's true role in allowing evil to continue in the world.










1467095273 (ISBN13: 9781467095273)

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