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The Secret Recipe for a Happy Life

The Secret Recipe for a Happy Life

2015 . Jonathan S. Henrich




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The Secret Recipe for a Happy Life
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About the book

Help is closer than you think with Jonathan Scott Henrich's inspiring new guide, The Secret Recipe for A Happy Life. Having suffered from major depressive disorder since he was a young child, which led to suicidal thoughts and behavior, various forms of addiction, promiscuous behavior, and self-hatred and self-mutilation, Henrich knows what it's like to have depression control your life. But through years of personal exploration and healing, he was able to turn his life around and discover abilities within himself he never knew were possible. Now, by reliving his own painful journey through decades of adversity, Henrich shares what he has learned about how our emotions keep us hostage-and how to overcome them in order to construct true happiness. An easy-to-read, conversational guide that is as educational as it is emotional, The Secret Recipe for A Happy Life breaks down different methods you can use to overcome depression, anxiety, fear, anger, and guilt. Through the practice of both short- and long-term exercises, you can take immediate steps to better your life-and start seeing a difference today as you experience acceptance and healing on your way toward a healthy future and a peaceful heart.






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