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The Suicide Note the Reality of Autism and Mental Illness

The Suicide Note the Reality of Autism and Mental Illness

2014 . Travis Breeding



The Suicide Note the Reality of Autism and Mental Illness
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About the book

Suicide affects many people. It should not come as a surprise that individuals on the Autism Spectrum are at a greater risk of suicide. Is it the Autism that is causing these suicidal thoughts though? Often it is the accompanying mental illness that causes the suicidal thoughts such as depression or Bi-Polar, and even Schizophrenia. This book is a suicide note I wrote in 2010. Thankfully I am still here to share it with you today. It is my hope that this helps people understand the effects of everything people with Autism go through and deal with on a daily basis. The language of the suicide note may be graphic to some. It is the original letter and wording. I feel like parents who have younger children have not seen the true affect Autism has on an adult with Autism's life. I hope parents read this letter to try and understand their child better. How does your child feel? Are they depressed and alone? I hope that parents feel encouraged and relieved that I survived this and are not scared. There is help out there. It can be difficult to find but there are people who care and can help your children through Autism.






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