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The Thin Line Between Cupcake and Bitch

The Thin Line Between Cupcake and Bitch

2020 . Business & Economics, Women In Business, Political Science, Women In Politics, Social Science . Joni Wickham, Teresa Bruns Sosinski



The Thin Line Between Cupcake and Bitch
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About the book

"With humor and insight illustrating her experiences, Joni Wickham details the strategies and best practices she found to take action, drive change and get results in politics or the boardroom. Joni offers strategies and best practices for managing conflict, overcoming imposter syndrome and learning to lead effectively and with emotional intelligence. Author Joni Wickham shares her experience navigating gender biases while working in politics, business and government. She also offers guidance to women of all backgrounds and professions to widen the thin line between "cupcake" and "bitch" and achieve results in the process. The Thin Line Between Cupcake and Bitch reaches out to empower women and insightful men to recognize and overcome gender biases. It's for the recent graduate from college or the school of experience. It is a book for anyone who is working toward leadership or is already there. The book offers practical advice and steps to take action, drive the change that is desired and obtain results"--






Ascend Books




1732344787 (ISBN13: 9781732344785)

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