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The Thursday Murder Club

The Thursday Murder Club

2020 . Fiction, Mystery & Detective . Richard Osman

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The Thursday Murder Club

About the book


A little beacon of pleasure in the midst of the gloom...SUCH FUN! --Kate Atkinson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Big Sky Four septuagenarians with a few tricks up their sleeves A female cop with her first big case A brutal murder Welcome to... THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB In a peaceful retirement village, four unlikely friends meet weekly in the Jigsaw Room to discuss unsolved crimes; together they call themselves The Thursday Murder Club. When a local developer is found dead with a mysterious photograph left next to the body, the Thursday Murder Club suddenly find themselves in the middle of their first live case. As the bodies begin to pile up, can our unorthodox but brilliant gang catch the killer, before it's too late?










1984880969 (ISBN13: 9781984880963)

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Meg WithBooks image

7 months ago


One of my favourite books of the year! So clever and heartwarming!


chanade cooney

1 week ago


It doesn’t appeal to me as much as I hoped it would. Personally I just couldn’t get into it but it was easy to follow


Andy Norton

3 weeks ago


Richard Osman's passion for all things criminal and crime-related comes to life in the first of their Thursday Murder Club series. This novel follows a group of retirees that set up the titular group actually have a real-life case to solve, rather than something from their own archives. With the involvement with the local detectives and their local expertise about the local community, they aim to solve the case... or do them. Written with the wit and humour you would expect from the personality known for his many TV quiz shows, including House of Games and Pointless, Osman writes with clarity and detail about each character, giving you enough information to get to know them. Whilst things get complicated when it breaks into groups of people, it can be challenging to work out who is who. However, in saying this, when revelations start occurring near the end of the novel, there is undoubtedly reasonable closure with the main story objectives. The Thursday Murder Club is a solid murder mystery with three-dimensional characters, which is best read in chunks rather than by chapter-to-chapter. An entertaining read that should encourage others to check other novels from Richard Osman- that is just as well as there is a second book already in the shops.


Katie Louise

1 month ago


Enjoyed the story and the closing was very neat. Wasn’t sure on the writing style for me.


Demi Perkins

1 month ago


I was expecting more from the incredible brain of Richard Osman. Still, I really enjoyed it, but I struggled to get into it to begin with.


Chloe Marjot

2 months ago


Funny, inspiringly beautiful. English humour at its best. And a clear perspective to remembering that our elderly were once the best of their generation and they continue to be. A care home means nothing without the knowledge floating around inside!! A real page turner!!


Gareth Williamson

2 months ago


I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was like a cozy mystery for me. I have his next book on my shelve waiting to be read which I’m looking forward too.


Luke Blake

4 months ago


I loved this book with all my heart. It has been the first book in so long that I have adored every second of. I loved reading it. I cried. I laughed. I gasped. It had everything i ever wanted. Old people, but funny seriously written old people solving a murder. What more could you ask for? I adored Joyce since day one, I see a lot of myself in joyce. And Elizabeth grew on me. But i couldnt help but picture Elizabeth as Jane fonda and Donna as Michaela Coel. I could have read this book in one sitting but i wanted to make it last, but once you start reading its soo hard to stop. Its just so addictive and fast paced. I think Richard Osman has had the pages lined with some drug. It's amazing. Its so much fun and had me guessing all the way through. Evem though I marked it a 10 which i stand by I do think the ending could have been a little stronger.


Markus Marañon Straarup image

4 months ago


Really enjoyed this book 📚 It is an easy read which is not only suspenseful but also oddly funny at times. The entire premise of a misfit gang of pensioners that helps solve crimes is pretty funny. Joyce reminds me of a more well functioning Eleanor Oliphant. Her outlook on life is both naive, heartwarming, and refreshing.


Mridupawan Podder

5 months ago


Wow! This was ridiculously refreshing. Imagine being spies and detectives but with arthritis, trembling and bad memory. Welcome to the Thursday Murder Club where the 70 year olds still know how to solve a murder or 3. A steady burner until the final 50 pages where it takes off at a breakneck pace. I have to admit, until the final 10 pages I couldn't figure out who killed whom. A solid 4/5


New York Times Best Sellers image

10 months ago


Four septuagenarian friends, who meet to discuss unsolved crimes, find themselves taking on their first live case.



1 year ago


I loved the chapter length and I liked the plot but it wasn’t extremely engaging and I couldn’t really picture things as I was reading due to the lack of description. But overall I did enjoy it and liked the older characters.


Finlay Harris

8 months ago


Such a good read and funny as well brilliant


Jo N

4 weeks ago


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