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The Time Machine Investors

The Time Machine Investors

2013 . Nuria de la Nuez




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The Time Machine Investors

About the book


A mystery spiced with humour, literature, travel and science in a crescendo of twists and turns that keeps you turning the page. The CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, a ring of 27 kilometres to delve into elementary matter, study the quark b, find the Higgs boson or produce a small black hole that could alter time. Alfred Durrell, professor of physics, receives the Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research. A few days later, he disappears in the River Cam in strange circumstances, in which are directly involved Professor Mark Arhart, Durrell´s colleague, and a man who has bribed him and several CERN scientists to use the LHCw experiment for his own purposes. Arhart, with a clear conscience, will take charge of the project, all planned by a woman who wants to stay behind the scenes. But they ignore someone who has been witness to the incident in the Cam and this will put the police on their trail. This will lead to a series of unexpected consequences for the project, Arhart and everyone involved. In a crescendo of twists and turns that keep you turning the page, the action switches from the Prince of Asturias Awards to Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge, from Scotland Yard to Central Park, from the LHCw control room in Geneva to the roads of a pre-uprising Tunis. The novel’s complex plot tells of a scientific conspiracy driven by ambition, power and vengeance as much as the need for justice, love and friendship, creating a mystery where humour and knowledge play an important role








1495961591 (ISBN13: 9781495961595)

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