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To and Fro Prophecies According to Mr. Nobody

To and Fro Prophecies According to Mr. Nobody

2017 . Religion, Biblical Studies . , Nobody



To and Fro Prophecies According to Mr. Nobody
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About the book

God's work cannot be improved by anyone; therefore, each individual is responsible for their own understanding of God's salvation plan. Regardless of who wrote whatever is written at best one is truth. I am no longer looking only to teachers for what to expect but more and more toward Fox News because real events in the days to come will be able to be seen in the Bible as well as on our televisions. So whether you believe pretribulation, midtribulation, post-tribulation, pre-wrath tribulation, or even per chance my silly illustration, if you apply due diligence and ask the Holy Spirit who abides in you the moment you asked Jesus Christ into your life, this same Holy Spirit will guide you to every understanding of God's knowledge that you wish to obtain. Faith without works is dead. Although there are many ways to manifest works, I believe the work you perform while trying with all your might to know God, not just that He is but what is the mind of God, will advance your faith more than other works, except works of miracles performed by God for edification. The latter gives instant faith to some; the former, in my opinion, is a never-ending journey to find every key in God's Word that afford me the pleasant thoughts of finally finishing this awesome race laid out before all who believe. Again, I thank you for your consideration. God bless you! Amen.






Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.




1640791078 (ISBN13: 9781640791077)

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