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To Buy or Not to Buy a Home

To Buy or Not to Buy a Home

2018 . Self-help . Sachin Mittal



To Buy or Not to Buy a Home
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About the book

Living with a roof over your head is a mark of living in a civilized world. A house isn't a luxury, but as essential a need as food and water. Then, may the need of living in a house be fulfilled through renting a place or through buying a house. All of us, at some or the other points in our lives, when there is enough money available for down-payment, go through the predicament about whether to rent or buy a house. Since ages homeownership has met with societal reputation and thus buying a house feels right due to this long-nurtured belief. But, is it truly the right decision? Being inhabitants of a better informed world warrants the need to augment our hunch with facts and making a calculated decision. While the decision of buying a house on mortgage is a serious and long impacting decision, staying put on rent can lead to the feeling of uncertainty and rootlessness in life. The step-by-step process of reaching a decision amidst buying versus renting has been explored in this book wherein by the end you will be able to tell with crystal clarity that 'I want to buy a house or I would rather stay put on rent than buy a house,' whichever the case may be. The book explores the pros and cons of both the decisions and also how the merits and demerits change with the change of city and other factors. It is one of the most comprehensive books exploring the aspect of buying versus renting from Indian standpoint. Although the emphasis is on exploring the dilemma of buying versus renting, it also gives away the tips useful for successful buying or renting while avoiding any financial disasters on the way. This book is nothing less than a shortest dependable guide to real estate market in India, delving into the strengths and weaknesses of real estates in different cities in India and showing how to make the decision of investing through renting or buying. With an abundance of examples it shows that there is no single correct answer. The book digs deeper into the answer of 'It depends.' The book lays a chart for stakeholders enlightening about the tools which should be used when taking a decision as serious as that of taking the buying road, including investing the savings in down-payment, taking a loan and then repaying it, or going for renting and investing the savings in other financial instruments. It is an essential read for anyone planning on embarking a buying or renting venture. It will guide them through the property maze in India with differential buying and renting structures and save them from making expensive mistakes. Think home ownership is always the most profitable road? Know better. Sachin Mittal






Educreation Publishing



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