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Training Turnout

Training Turnout

2019 . Lisa Howell



Training Turnout
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About the book

This unique Training Turnout program is the second resource in our Training Turnout series, and is a great follow on from our Tips for Turnout Program. It deeps the exploration of the anatomy of the dancers' hip in an easy to understand way, and explores the differences in training turnout in multiple different positions. Discover the maximal potential for your hips without pain or strain!- Learn how to assess and understand the structure of your own hips including what are true restrictions and what can be improved on- Discover your deep turnout muscles and how to train each of them for ultimate control in all positions- Recognise the relationship between core stability and turnout range and control- Learn modified physiotherapy release techniques to improve range in second splits- Find out how to effectively improve stability of the hips and pelvis while maintaining full range- Strengthen standing leg turnout control in a progressive sequence of exercises- Learn how to control turnout en fondu for optimal leg alignment during jumps- Condition the hamstrings for their essential role in supporting the led in retire- Specifically train the deep hip flexors for their very important role of supporting the leg during adage- Develop extraordinary control in a la seconde without irritating the front of the hips- Demystify the secrets of a beautiful arabesque line by addressing each component separately






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1798232359 (ISBN13: 9781798232354)

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