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Working with Angels in Everyday Life

Working with Angels in Everyday Life

2007 . Body, Mind & Spirit, Angels & Spirit Guides . Carol May




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Working with Angels in Everyday Life
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About the book


Rich with anecdotes, meditations and cutting edge planetary information, WORKING WITH ANGELS IN EVERYDAY LIFE brings a fresh perspective to the Angelic/Human connection. Carol not only introduces the various angels but indicates their 'jobs', their appearance and how to attune with them. She takes us between the dimensions to feel the love and purpose. "Angels and Humans are a team, working together to advance the consciousness of Humanity," Carol May enthuses. "They make our everyday life smoother, help with choices and offer inspiration, protection, energy, blessings and more." Would you like to meet your 4 personal angels and understand how to contact them on an ongoing basis? Are you curious about planetary angels such as The Devas from the Jade Temple or The Blue Ones? Maybe you need the Angel's help to handle a current crisis or jumpstart a new business project. Whatever you want to know about Angels, this is the book for you "This isn't an Angel book based on liturgical history or any religious belief system. It is based on my energetic experience of universal love, the defining relationship between what we know and what we feel.The magic that exists inside each moment and the healing that happens when Angels and Humans work together consciously." Based on her extensive work as an empath with the Angels, Carol deftly introduces us to at least 20 Angels of importance including the Guardian Angels we all have, the many ancient healing Angels, the House deva, even the Project Angels. WORKING WITH ANGELS IN EVERYDAY LIFE offers suggestions on Attuning to Angels, insight into their 'Language', sample meditations used to make contact with them and plenty of encouragement to learn more about enjoying a continuing mutually beneficial relationship with them. An entire chapter is dedicated to Angel affirmations and prayers. You will learn about the 80-20 rule, how the Angels help in times of tragedy, how to recognize an Angel in human form and how to receive the name of your Body Deva. You'll meet Metatron, a futuristic Being who hopes 'destiny designation' becomes a household word over the next 25 years. Experiencing The Center of Your Being is introduced and so much more. In Chapter two, Carol assures us "You don't have to be a preacher or priest or be 'psychically developed' to meet Angels or work with them in everyday life. " This book will show you the 'everyday way'. Visit Carol's website for even more information at Known to clients for 25 years as the Angel Lady, Carol May is an internationally known Personal Growth Counselor, Empath and Reiki Master/Teacher. Quick to share her amazing smile, earthy humor and healing voice, Carol has helped people receive guidance from their Soul and meet their Angels to aid in understanding and embracing their Divine Nature and Purpose. She has worked extensively with the Arch Angels and Metatron, developed a Spiritual School and recorded Angel, Dolphin and Self Esteem Meditation/Affirmation CD's you can order from her website: The Angels recently dubbed her 'Sacred Voice for the Light'. Carol's gift of talking to Angels and Souls was always present but it became dynamically activated early in her life via a multitude of mystical experiences at home and in Europe. Her gift continues to make a difference in people's lives through her private Soul Attunement Sessions as well as Angel Readings, business consults and a multitude of classes. She now concentrates on teaching Esoteric Reiki and promoting new planetary information from the Angels on Lotus Grid Openings and Advanced Destiny Activation. Originally armed with degrees in Sociology and Journalism, Carol began her career as a Social worker but quickly embarked on her 'journey of consciousness'. This led to certifications as Hypnotherapist, Rebirther, NLP practitioner, Touch for Health practitioner, Pranic Healer, Reiki Master, and more.






Dog Ear Publishing




1598583891 (ISBN13: 9781598583892)

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