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You Are What You Do

You Are What You Do

2020 . Religion, Christian Living, Self-help, Personal Growth . Daniel Im



You Are What You Do
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About the book

Things have changed. Have you seen it? The way that we’ve done things for centuries has been unsettled and unseated. We’re living in a new normal. And while on the surface many of these changes look like the next best thing, there’s actually a complex and fragile web of lies holding it all together: - You are what you do - You are what you experience - You are who you know - You are what you know - You are what you own - You are who you raise - You are your past In You Are What You Do, author and pastor Daniel Im considers these seven lies and the context that causes them to flourish. Through personable stories, research, and pastoral insight, Daniel will show you how to recognize these everyday lies in your life, so that you can discover the truth on the other side. The truth that leads to freedom. The truth that moves you from surviving to thriving. The truth that will unlock a life of purpose, adventure, meaning, and destiny.






B&H Publishing Group




1535943998 (ISBN13: 9781535943994)

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