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8 Books Like Frankenstein & Dracula

8 Books Like Frankenstein & Dracula

Looking for more books like Frankenstein or books like Dracula? Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, written in 1817 and Dracula by Bram Stoker, written in 1897, are some of the first novels to have come to light that really began the horror genre. They have spawned countless remakes in the form of film and television and have inspired works about monsters and demons ever since – no matter how many times it is redone, the fascination with these horrible creatures continues to grab us as readers. Fran... Read more

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Alias Grace

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1996 | Margaret Atwood

In the astonishing new novel by the author of the bestsellers "The Robber Bride, "Cat's Eye, and "The Handmaid's Tale, Margaret Atwood takes us back in time and into the life and mind of one of the most enigmatic and notorious women of the nineteenth century. Grace Marks has been convicted for her involvement in the vicious murders of her employer, the wealthy Thomas Kinnear, and of Nancy Montgomery, his housekeeper and mistress. Some believe Grace is innocent; others think her evil or insane. Now serving a life sentence after a stint in Toronto's lunatic asylum, Grace herself claims to have no memory of the murders. Dr. Simon Jordan, an up-and-coming expert in the burgeoning field of mental illness, is engaged by a group of reformers and spiritualists who seek a pardon for Grace. He listens to her story, from her family's difficult passage out of Ireland into Canada, to her time as a maid in Thomas Kinnear's household. As he brings Grace closer and closer to the day she cannot remember, he hears of the turbulent relationship between Kinnear and Nancy Montgomery, and of the alarming behavior of Grace's fellow servant, James McDermott. Jordan is drawn to Grace, but he is also baffled by her. What will he find in attempting to unlock her memories? Is Grace a female fiend, a bloodthirsty "femme fatale? Or is she a victim of circumstances? "Alias Grace is a beautifully crafted work of the imagination that reclaims a profoundly mysterious and disturbing story from the past century. With compassion, an unsentimental lyricism, and her customary narrative virtuosity, Margaret Atwood mines the often convoluted relationships between men and women, and between the affluent and thosewithout position. The result is her most captivating, disturbing, and ultimately satisfying work since "The Handmaid's Tale--in short, vintage Atwood.

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