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Authentic Viennese Dining

Authentic Viennese Dining


By Friendspire

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About the list

Friendspire put together this list on 25 February 2020.

In conjunction with Friendspire, Friendspire has chosen these as some of the very best places to visit in Wien. So if you love to go out and eat with family, or have a drink with friends, then these places will certainly be worth visiting! The list has 9 places on it, so there is plenty to choose from when looking for your next favorite place tovisit in <
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Restaurant with local cuisine & terrace. Smart venue for Tafelspitz boiled beef & other classics of Viennese cuisine, with outdoor seating.

Bistro with a garden on old city walls. Stylish & intimate venue for classic & innovative Viennese cuisine, with a plant-filled garden.

Classy venue with billiards & card games. 1880 coffeehouse for Viennese fare including homemade pastries, with regular live music & a garden.

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