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Best Sushi in San Fran

Best Sushi in San Fran

San Francisco

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This list was curated by The Infatuation on 22 November 2019.

Whatever you are in the mood for Friendspire has your back with this great list of restaurants and bars in San Francisco. They have been selected because they always serve high quality, good food and drinks, and just an all-around great time! The list has 20 places on it, so there is plenty to choose from when searching for your next
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Tiny Japanese joint with an offbeat vibe. Carefully sourced & presented fish stars at this miniature, art-splashed sushi & sake bar.

Refined sushi bar with tasting menus. Intimate restaurant specializing in traditional sushi, as well as omakase-style chef's menus.

Little nook for Japanese omakase dining. Japanese omakase menu offered in a tiny, understated outpost with bar seating & blond-wood accents.

Sustainable sushi & Japanese dishes. Cozy sushi bar serving sustainably sourced rolls & Japanese small plates with a long list of sakes.

Lively spot for inventive Japanese food. Modern Japanese dishes, sushi & more in a trendy hangout featuring music & happy-hour bingo.

Intimate neighborhood sushi bar. Tiny counter spot with a few tables for straight-up sushi, sashimi & sake plus creative rolls.

Relaxed Japanese spot with a sushi bar. Low-key storefront space serving up wide variety of Japanese fare, including sushi & sashimi.

California-style Japanese cuisine. Inventive fusion menu of Japanese tapas, sushi & specialty dishes with a California twist.

Inventive sushi in a basic setting. Respected sushi chef Roger Chong wraps creative rolls & offers menu tips at this unassuming eatery.

Cash-only sushi spot. Small, cash-only sushi spot offering a sampling of traditional rolls, plus beer & wine.

Sushi place known for housemade tofu. Housemade tofu is the specialty at this cozy Japanese spot that also serves a varied sushi menu.

Homestyle Japanese cuisine & sushi. Local Japanese fixture with a large menu including sushi & hot items like tempura and noodles.

Creative rolls & sustainable seafood. Innovative sushi made with fresh, sustainable fish served in a small space, plus happy hour.

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