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CPH Fine Dining

CPH Fine Dining


By Friendspire

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About the list

Friendspire put together this list on 14 September 2018.

Whatever you are in the mood for Friendspire has your back with this great list of restaurants and bars in København. They have been chosen because they always serve high quality, good food and drinks, and just an all-around great time! The list has 13 places on it, so there is plenty to choose from when searching for your next favorite spot tovis
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Renowned avant-garde Nordic cuisine. Chef Rene Redzepi's gastronomic mecca, creating world-class dishes presented in 20-course meals.

Innovative cuisine in a slick venue. High-concept cooking with multiple course tasting menus, plus panoramic views from the 8th floor.

Innovative Thai cuisine in stylish venue. Contemporary Thai fusion cooking in a relaxed restaurant with rattan chairs & wooden floors.

Chic venue for reinvented Danish dishes. Creative contemporary seasonal cooking in a polished upscale restaurant with a cool jazz soundtrack.

Creative Italian food in high-end venue. Luxe canalside venue for gourmet multiple course tasting menus, plus a list of 600 Italian wines.

Inventive contemporary Danish cooking. Relaxed New Nordic venue for 4 or 8-course set menus inspired by specialties from Bornholm island.

New Nordic cuisine in a vaulted cellar. Creative dishes in 7 & 10-course menus in the stylish arched basement of a 17th-century mansion.

Innovative cuisine in a vaulted cellar. Upscale venue open since 1976 serving sophisticated food in an intimate setting with Gothic arches.

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