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Top Ramen in Tokyo

Top Ramen in Tokyo

Shibuya City


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This list was curated by Friendspire for you on 26 February 2020.

Whatever you are in the mood for JW has your back with this great list of restaurants and bars in Shibuya City. They have been selected because they always promise high quality, good food and drinks, and just an all-around great time! The list has 10 places on it, so there is plenty to choose from when looking for your next favor
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Ramen specialist with solo booths. Cash-only chain preparing bowls of ramen served at solo booths.

No-frills noodle house for ramen & gyoza. Low-key venue for ramen soups with double-yolked eggs, said to be a good-luck symbol, plus gyoza.

Modest option for Japanese ramen bowls. Relaxed Japanese ramen shop serving up noodle bowls in modest, contemporary surroundings.

Buzzing bar for tsukemen dipping noodles. Tsukemen dipping noodles with a choice of sauces, served at the counter of this busy ramen shop.

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