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Top 15 Netflix Original Shows That Dropped In 2020

Top 15 Netflix Original Shows That Dropped In 2020

By Friendspire

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About the list

Friendspire compiled this list of 15 TV shows for you on 4 January 2021.

If you haven't already noticed, there's a lot of TV shows out there to explore. True crime documentaries, action-adventure with superheroes, horror about kids fighting a terrifying monster-there's a lot! But it can be so stressful figuring out which shows to start with. So Friendspire created the following list for yo
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About the TV show: In a Kentucky orphanage in the 1950s, a young girl discovers an astonishing talent for chess while struggling with addiction.

About the TV show: An origins story, beginning in 1947, which follows Ratched's journey and evolution from nurse to full-fledged monster tracking her murderous progression through the mental health care system.

About the TV show: Zoe Walker leaves her quiet life behind to investigate her brother's disappearance in Ibiza, where she quickly heads down a decadent and dangerous path.

About the TV show: After a traumatic year, all an Indian-American teen wants is to go from pariah to popular -- but friends, family and feeling won't make it easy on her.

About the TV show: A Hasidic Jewish woman in Brooklyn flees to Berlin from an arranged marriage and is taken in by a group of musicians -- until her past comes calling.

About the TV show: Nick and Vanessa Lachey host this social experiment where single men and women look for love and get engaged, all before meeting in person.