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De bedste strisser serier på TV2 Play

De bedste strisser serier på TV2 Play

By Friendspire

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About the list

This list of TV shows was handpicked by Friendspire just for you on 6 June 2020.

There's something about TV shows that filmsjust don't have. Shorter episodes but a longer timeline allow viewers to really get to know the characters and understand the motives behind their behaviors. Whether it's a TV show following a family dealing with the loss of their fortune, a group of survivors during a zombie apocalypse, or a gang of kids fighting the un
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About the TV show: A love triangle between Dan Sommerdahl, his wife Marianne Sommerdahl and their best friend Flemming Torp occurs as they try to solves killings in Helsingør.

About the TV show: Norskov is a police drama that takes place in an industrial city in northern Denmark. The city is raw and unsentimental, and the financial crisis has left its mark, but there is still a lot of community spirit and empowerment. In the series we follow the policeman Tom Noack, who returns to the city he left almost 20 years ago, and his two childhood friends who in the meantime have become the mayor and primary contractor.

About the TV show: Amongst the vibrant international community of the eponymous Spanish island, a British and a German detective with very different approaches to policing have a clash of personalities. Despite - or perhaps because of - their very different approaches, the sleuths form a perfect complementary partnership as they seek to solve a new crime on the island each week.

About the TV show: When a brilliant drone engineer, Victoria, is taken hostage in her own home, a series of dangerous events are set into motion in this high octane thriller.

About the TV show: Comedy detective series set on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint-Marie. A brilliant but idiosyncratic British detective and his resourceful local team solve baffling murder mysteries.

About the TV show: In 1953 at the hamlet of Grantchester, Sidney Chambers—a charismatic, charming clergyman—turns investigative vicar when one of his parishioners dies in suspicious circumstances.

About the TV show: Five years after his daughter disappeared, a mistake in the National Police's DNA register makes it possible for the officer Rolf to finally find out what happened to her.

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