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Behind the Curve

2018 . Documentary . 1h 36m



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6.5/10 89/100

Centuries ago, many cultures believed the Earth was a flat disc. As scientific thought and technology evolved, the Earth was revealed to be a globe, a view that's widely accepted today—but not by everyone. The flat Earth movement has seen a recent resurgence. These conspiracy theorists deny the scientific model of the globe and join together through conventions, forums and online platforms to discuss their belief system. On the other end of the spectrum, the scientific community aims to counter this resurrected myth, resulting in an ever-growing public battle of conspiracies and anti-intellectualism. Giving a well-rounded look at all sides of the debate, Behind the Curve shows that no matter where you stand on this issue, the conversations and people around it are anything but flat.


Mark K. Sargent, Jeran Campanella, Robbie Davidson, Hannalore Gerling-Dunsmore, Lamar Glover


Daniel J. Clark






30 Apr 2018


Markus Marañon Straarup

8 months ago


Fascination documentary, about people who believe the world is flat. They are looking more for a place to belong than a belief I think.

Morten V Schroeder

8 months ago


Interesting documentary about a growing fraction of people who for some mysteries reason actually thinks the world is flat 🤯 It’s fascinating to see how the real problem for these people is that their entire personality and social circle has become associated with their Flat Earth thinking and for that reason they basically cannot abandon the idea even if they don’t believe it anymore because that would be the same as them abandoning themself! Funny easy watch!

Henry Fovargue

9 months ago


Very interesting look into human psychology , using flat earthers as a model of what can happen to an ostracised community


Joakim Heurlin

8 months ago